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Detox For Anxiety And Addiction Near Duluth

You should have extensive help when detoxing from alcohol or drugs when you’re also battling an anxiety disorder. At Sunrise Detox, we understand that anxiety disorders aren’t a hurdle to circumvent but are frequently at the center of substance use disorders. If you struggle with anxiety and addiction near Duluth, call 470-327-8336 for immediate help detoxing from alcohol or different drugs in a safe, nurturing surrounding.

Stop The Anxiety-Addiction Spiral At Sunrise

The feelings of anxiety can stop you from enjoying life. Untreated or undiagnosed anxiety may become particularly insufferable. Alcohol or drugs can numb those feelings, but this option only makes things worse over time. 

Self-medicating with habit-forming substances may temporarily suppress anxiety and give you the illusion of coping. As the blissful effects wane, the feelings of anxiety may come back stronger. If you keep using, the downturn can be even greater. In time, your anxiety-substance use spiral manifests into an addiction. If you halt the use of alcohol or drugs, your body becomes distressed, and you are faced with withdrawal symptoms. 

Once addiction settles in, you require medically supervised detox treatment to rid your body of the offending substances. We are well aware of how the anxiety-addiction spiral influences you physically and mentally. Call 470-327-8336 now for safe detox care and mental health treatment for adults battling with anxiety and addiction near Duluth. 

Learn How We Treat Anxiety And Addiction Near Duluth 

The detox process is necessary to start addiction recovery. Unfortunately, symptoms of withdrawal and anxiety can make it difficult to get through. At Sunrise, we can help you get solace from both and finish detox. We start with a private assessment to give us insight into your condition, what you must detox from, and your medical history. Next, we customize our treatment protocols to your situation. We keep you safe and help you stay relaxed. After we help you complete this initial step toward your recovery, we’ll help you find further support for both anxiety and substance use. 

Medical Care During Detox

Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol can result in discomfort and illness. At Sunrise Detox Duluth, our expert clinicians provide medical treatment for any complaint. We carry out vital sign checks every 2-4 hours for your safety and administer evidence-based medications to lessen symptoms. Our staff is skilled in giving safe, properly timed dosages to avoid cultivating a secondary addiction. 

You’ll also get plenty of time to relax in your cozy room and chef-prepared dining when you want it. We have nurses on-site at all hours to look after you. 

Mental Health Care During Detox

Going through detox can be scary, particularly if you are already dealing with a co-occurring disorder such as anxiety. The Sunrise staff is attuned to this. Although your physical health is our leading focus, we also endeavor to keep you emotionally balanced. If you have anxiety, we will closely monitor how detox impacts your mind and provide relief. We will also ensure you proceed in using any anti-anxiety prescriptions you are currently on. 

You’ll also have the option to start therapy at Sunrise if you choose. We offer 

All therapy is led by credentialed therapists who are well versed in the challenges of anxiety and substance use. Under our tutelage, you can begin to uncover the connection between mental health and addiction and investigate healthy coping mechanisms that will benefit you during addiction recovery and in the future. 

If you’re interested in receiving treatment for anxiety and addiction near Duluth, call Sunrise at 470-327-8336 today. 

Enter Sunrise Detox Duluth For Drug And Alcohol Detox

If you aren’t sure where to get help with your anxiety and addiction near Duluth, contact Sunrise Detox. We are here for you. We feel you have a right to exceptional care for something as important as drug and alcohol detox. To give you that care, we provide  

  • Safe, proven medical treatments
  • Optional mental health therapy
  • Expert 24-hour care given by highly skilled staff members and therapists
  • A relaxed daily routine to promote recovery
  • Clean, modern facility
  • A completely furnished bedroom with an attached bathroom
  • Nutritious food cooked on-site 
  • Resident common areas and recreational activities
  • Total patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Guidance for questions concerning insurance and billing
  • Aftercare counseling 

Get Help For Anxiety And Addiction Near Duluth Today

Help for addiction and anxiety disorders is here for you now. Place a call to Sunrise at 470-327-8336 or submit our contact form for timely assistance with detox. We always reply right away, no matter the day or time. We are here to speak with you now.