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Ativan Detox Near Duluth

Lorazepam is a prescribed drug utilized to alleviate common symptoms of anxiety. While beneficial, it's also very addictive, as a result of the euphoria and calming effects it provides. If Ativan® is controlling your life, you should get support. A medically guided detox is the first step to prevailing over your addiction and starting you on a road to recovery.

Sunrise Detox can assist. Our Ativan detox near Duluth will safely eliminate the substance from your system and successfully manage what can be debilitating withdrawal symptoms. Reach out to us at 470-327-8336 to get your recovery started.

Do I Need Lorazepam Detox Near Duluth?

In the same class of sedative drugs like Xanax®, Lorazepam is slower to act but lasts longer. Dependency might arise rapidly, especially if you use beyond your prescribed dose. If you’re trying to determine if you require assistance, consider these signs of addiction

  • You consistently think about using or finding more Ativan
  • You must have more of the benzo to get the same euphoric effect
  • When trying to stop or reduce your dose, you encounter withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, anxiety, or cravings
  • You have emotional outbursts or mood swings
  • You withdraw from friends and family

Withdrawal symptoms from benzodiazepines -- like Ativan -- have the potential to be life-threatening, which is why an experienced, medically guided lorazepam detox near Duluth is vital. Trying to end the addiction on your own is unsafe and not ever recommended. Instead, turn to Sunrise Detox for the skilled care you have a right to.

What To Anticipate From Our Ativan Detox Near Duluth

First and foremost, you will be attended to by experienced medical specialists in a managed setting. We know about the mental and physical strain that comes with detoxing, and we’re here for you day and night. Your vital signs will be monitored routinely to ensure you get comfort from Ativan withdrawal symptoms such as:

  • General pain and discomfort
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Body aches
  • Insomnia and restlessness
  • Nausea
  • Irritability, confusion, and mood swings

Your care begins with a thorough evaluation. Our medical staff will inquire about the level of your Ativan use, your physical state, and your medical background. This enables us to create a custom treatment plan to address your unique circumstances. Your specialized plan will help ensure your progress, but we know your success is also dependent on maintaining your strength and comfort.

Over the course of detox, we’ll help you relax and keep up energy with comfy bedrooms and recreational areas, well-balanced meals, and 24-hour access to beverages and snacks. When you begin to feel better, you’ll be invited to take advantage of the one-on-one and group therapy opportunities provided at Sunrise Detox. These gatherings will not only help while you’re here, but they’ll also get you ready for the following stage of recovery, residential rehab.

What Is The Timeframe For Ativan Detox Near Duluth?

Our medical staff is responsible for getting you stabilized and prepared for the next step of your recovery. With that being said, the majority of individuals will get through our Ativan detox within 7-10 days. The amount of time you are here can vary, and is affected by these factors:

  • The degree of your Ativan consumption, including your dosage amounts, frequency, and duration
  • Your physical condition
  • Your response to treatment

In conjunction with being fully stable, you will also need to have a thorough aftercare plan before being cleared to depart. We’ll help you design one and reserve a spot for you at a residential rehab, your next step of care.

How Sunrise Detox Duluth Ensures Your Safety During Lorazepam Detox?

Safety is a top priority during your lorazepam detox near Duluth. We track your vitals carefully and work hard to alleviate potentially harmful withdrawal symptoms. Overall, there are numerous ways we ensure safety, including:

  • Personalized care plans to address your precise needs
  • 24/7 support from medical professionals
  • Structured living arrangements clear of external factors that trigger use
  • Aftercare planning to make sure you have a clear path of recovery for the future
  • Strict adherence to patient privacy guidelines

If any medication is used throughout your Ativan detox, we’ll monitor usage of it diligently and alter dosage levels as needed to promote your progress and safety.

Take The First Step With Ativan Detox Near Duluth Today

Ready to get your life on the right path? Sunrise Detox is here to support with medically supervised Ativan detox near Duluth. We’ll keep you protected, as comfortable as possible, and advancing toward an enduring recovery. Start today by placing a call to 470-327-8336 or using the simple contact form below. Our compassionate team responds day and night, every day of the year. We’re prepared to guide you today.