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Morphine Detox Near Duluth

Has your life been upended because of a dependency on morphine? This potent opioid may be effective in providing relief for moderate to severe pain, but it’s also extremely addictive and potentially devastating. If you’re attempting to stop and find that you have to have the opioid to feel “normal”, it’s time to get help. Sunrise Detox Duluth is ready to offer it with medically guided morphine detox in Duluth.

You will detox in a safe and gradual manner under the supervision of skilled medical experts who are on site for you 24/7. Call 470-327-8336 and start your recovery the best way possible.

Signs That You Need Morphine Detox Near Duluth

Morphine has a high risk for addiction due to the euphoric sensations it creates. When using this drug beyond your doctor's orders or illicitly, a tolerance to the substance might swiftly develop. This is usually one of the initial symptoms of addiction. There are numerous other telltale warning signs that a problem is present, including:

  • Withdrawal symptoms when abstaining
  • Persistent impulses to use
  • Withdrawing from friends or family members and activities you used to enjoy
  • Financial problems or difficulties at home, school, or work due to morphine use
  • Trying to get prescriptions from more than one doctor and constantly agonizing over getting more of the substance

Your experience could differ, but whenever an addiction is present, you should seek support. Our morphine detox in Duluth will mitigate withdrawal symptoms through a careful tapering procedure and lay the foundation for a lasting recovery. Detoxing by yourself is never recommended as withdrawal can be harmful and often leads to relapse.

What To Expect From Morphine Detox At Sunrise?

At Sunrise Detox Duluth, you will be treated as a valued individual and provided the respect and compassion you have a right to. We take an individualized approach to provide the finest care available and that starts with a thorough evaluation. We’ll get a better understanding of your substance use, physical condition, and medical history and design a care plan accordingly.

Your plan promotes a successful detox, as does our capacity to keep you at ease. Our experts know that dealing with withdrawal is a big consideration in your comfort. Through medication-assisted treatment and other treatments, we are able to lessen withdrawal symptoms that might include:

  • Muscle aches and overall unease
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headaches
  • Chills and sweating
  • Diarrhea
  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Over the course of your time here, you'll reside in a fully furnished room and be offered nutritious, chef-prepared meals to boost your strength. When you begin to improve, you'll be invited to participate in group and one-on-one therapy sessions. This helps you comprehend the root reasons for your addiction while preparing you for the following stage of residential rehab. We'll also talk about the future steps of your recovery, providing you with a thorough aftercare plan.

How Long Does Morphine Detox Take?

The amount of time you spend at Sunrise Detox can vary depending on various considerations. Generally speaking, you can plan to detox within a week to 10 days although prolonged stays are not uncommon. Your treatment timeframe may be impacted by:

  • The extent of your morphine consumption
  • Your physical state
  • How responsive you are to treatment
  • Whether there are other drugs in your system

Before you leave, we will make certain you are physically stable and provided with an aftercare plan that will map out the ensuing phases of your recovery.

How Will Sunrise Keep Me Safe During Morphine Detox Near Duluth?

Trying to detox “cold-turkey” is never recommended due to the potentially devastating physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that might put you in danger. Sunrise Detox Duluth will keep you safe. We’ll attend to your withdrawal and help you avoid a secondary dependency to medication used in treatment. Your safety is also ensured with:

  • 24-hour care from licensed medical professionals
  • A managed setting free from triggers of morphine use
  • Individualized treatment plans unique to your situation
  • Aftercare planning to provide a comprehensive blueprint of the phases of your recovery
  • Inflexible patient privacy guidelines to ensure full confidentiality

When going through detox for opioids like morphine, Suboxone might be administered to manage withdrawal. It is less addictive than other drugs yet proven to be beneficial. To keep you safe, we follow these guidelines:

  • We delay Suboxone use in the opening stages to prevent precipitated withdrawal
  • At the proper time, an initial dose is given and the individual’s response is monitored
  • According to the response, we’ll adjust the dose or shift to other treatment options
  • We cautiously taper patients off Suboxone and reevaluate 

Find Help Right Away At Our Morphine Detox Near Duluth

There’s no need to suffer through a morphine addiction alone. Sunrise Detox Duluth is ready to help. We’ll remove the drug from your system and skillfully mitigate withdrawal symptoms so you are able to progress in your recovery. Dial 470-327-8336 today or submit the straightforward form on this page. We respond to all requests in a hurry, irregardless of the time.