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The Dangers of "Legal" Drug-Use

August 25, 2022

A common misconception is that if a substance is deemed "legal" or socially acceptable, it's harmless. As an expert in substance use treatment, this certainly appears to be a myth. Unfortunately, countless addicts have fallen victim to believing that as long as they no longer use illicit drugs, they will resume a vital position in their lives and "beat" their addictions. Sadly, my experience shows that this could not be further from the truth.

Alcohol, Kratom, Kava, prescription medications, marijuana, and spice are all considered legal substances. These substances have caused a significant number of addicts to relapse back onto illicit drugs. The addicted brain is seldom satiated by social or "normal" use of substances. In fact, many addicts can quickly form a dependence on any of the above-mentioned substances that are deemed "safe" by society.

The recovery community must identify that what is safe for the "non-addict" individual might not be safe for someone with a history of substance abuse issues. Some folks can drink alcohol or smoke marijuana on occasion, interfering with minimal interruption in their daily lives. Those with the "addicted brain" can become dependent on these legal substances in even just a short time.

As a person in recovery, it is crucial to be educated on the dangers of even the most benign substances. For someone with an addicted mind, these substances have a high potential for abuse. In addition, having an understanding of addiction and how mood-and-mind-altering substances impact the addicted brain is essential in preventing relapse or developing new addictions. Call today! 470-327-8336